We’re building software to help SEO’s and content marketers gain an unfair advantage in the SERPs.

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Our goal is to help teams improve their organic performance by automating time consuming manual tasks and making data accessible.

Large organizations have engineering resources to give SEO and content teams which allows them to scale processes and work with large data sets to drive organic traffic. Smaller companies often aren’t able to access these resources and are left competing at a disadvantage.

Our goal is to help create tools to allow all teams to scale their efforts through data and gain an unfair advantage in the SERPs.


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Who’s flying this thing?

Hi, I’m Geoff Kenyon.

I’ve been doing SEO and content marketing since 2008. I’ve had a variety of roles over the years including agency roles, independent consulting, and leading in-house teams.

I’m leveraging my experience building processes to build a product which helps more teams win the SERP.

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